X72266 1/72 Luftwaffe JG 5 Squadron History decals (14)

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X72266  1/72 Luftwaffe JG 5 Squadron History decals (14)
Product Code: X72266
Brand: Xtradecal
WAS: £7.99
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This set provides markings for 14 different aircraft of JG 5, who were mostly based in Norway. It covers the following aircraft types Messerschmit Bf109E-7, F-4, G-2 and G-14, Messerschmit Bf110E-2 and G-2, Focke Wulf Fw58, Focke Wulf Fw190A-3, A-4 and A-8. Thw wing, fuselage and tail national markings are provided.
Please note this set does not provide any stencil data decals, the rest should come from the kit decals.

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