X72135 1/72 Supermarine Seafire Mks.II/III/XV/XVII decals

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X72135 1/72 Supermarine Seafire Mks.II/III/XV/XVII decals
Product Code: X72135
Brand: Xtradecal
WAS: £7.99
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This set will enable you to get further options from the various existing and future Seafire kits.
There are markings for the 11 planes listed below.

Seafire IIc No 807 NAS, HMS Battler, July-Sept 1942; 
Seafire IIc No 880 NAS, HMS Indomitable, Feb-May 1943; 
Seafire IIc No 899 NAS, HMS Khedive, Aegean Sea, Summer 1944; 
Seafire IIc No 885 NAS, HMS Formidable, Torch Landings, Nov 1942; 
Seafire III No 897 NAS, HMS Hunter, BPF, 1945; 
Seafire III No 807 NAS, HMS Indefatigable, early 1945; 
Seafire III No 880 NAS, HMS Implacable, BPF, Summer 1945; 
Seafire XV No 806 NAS, HMS Glory, 16 Carrier Air Group, RAF Kai TAk, 1946; 
Seafire XV No 803 NAS, RCN, HMCS Warrior, 1947; 
Seafire XVII No 736 NAS, FAA St Merryn, 1949; 
Seafire FR 47 No 804 NAS, HMS Ocean, April 1947; 

Please note we have the Sword Seafire Mk II in stock and we will be stocking the future releases of the Seafire Mk III by Admiral and Seafire Mk's II, XV, XVII and FR 47 by Special Hobby. Please message us for details.