VAL70222 WWIII British Armour and Infantry

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VAL70222 WWIII British Armour and Infantry
Product Code: VAL70222
Brand: Vallejo
WAS: £19.99
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Vallejo in conjunction with Battlefront (the makers of Flames of war) have produced a new range of paint sets to go with the Flames of War game and it's more modern counterpoint, Team Yankee WW3. These are 6 and 8 colour paint sets, using paints from Vallejo's Model Colour acrylic range, with each set covering a certain army or theme. Please note that these paints are also suitable for other wargame models, as for example, models of WW2 British or German soldiers would have the same colour uniforms, no matter what model range they're from or what scale they are!

The Team Yankee British WW3 set contains 8 colours that are useful for 1980's British wargame models.

The colours are as follows: Sand Yellow, Flat Brown, Russian Uniform, Olive Drab, Uniform Green, Medium Sea Grey, Bronze Green, Black Grey