VAL70101 Model Color Set - Folkstone Basics (x16)

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VAL70101 Model Color Set - Folkstone Basics (x16)
Product Code: VAL70101
Brand: Vallejo
WAS: £39.99
OUR PRICE:£36.00
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Vallejo Model Colour paints are excellent for brush painting and can be thinned for use with airbrushes.

This set is aimed at general modelling and is an ideal starter set for any modelling genre. 

The colours are as follows:

70850 Medium Olive
70851 Bright Orange
70875 Beige Brown
70899 Dark Prussia Blue
70901 Pastel Blue
70908 Carmine Red
70915 Deep Yellow
70926 Red
70950 Black
70951 White
70975 Military Green
70981 Orange Brown
70984 Flat Brown
70989 Sky Grey
70996 Gold
70997 Silver