TRU05788 1/700 German Destroyer Zerstorer Z30 1942

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TRU05788 1/700 German Destroyer Zerstorer Z30 1942
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German Destroyers of WW2 are often referred to as the 'Narvik' class or 'Z' class destroyers. Both of these names are incorrect as they fell into 2 broad classes called the '1934 Type' and '1936 Type' and then into several sub classes within the 2 main classes. 
The 1934 Type destroyers were almost 400ft long, displaced just over 2000 tons, had five 5 inch guns and eight 21 inch torpedo tubes, with a speed of 36 knots. All the 1934 Type ships carried names as well as numbers, Z-1 to Z-4 were the basic 1934 Type ships and Z-5 to Z-16 the 1934A Type ships.  They suffered from poor sea keeping and limited range and proved not much better than coastal ships. Ten of the 16 ships were lost from various causes in WW2, and the other 6 were taken over by the various Allied navies.
The 1936 Type destroyers were bigger and better ships, being 410ft long and 2800 tons displacement. They had stronger hulls, better bows and were more reliable. There were 4 sub classes, Z-17 to Z-22 were the basic 1936 Type, Z-23 to Z-30 were the 1936A Type, Z-31 to Z-34 and Z-37 to Z-39 were the 1936A (mob) class and the Z-34, 35 and 43 were the 1936B class. The first batch carried names and had the same armament as the 1934 class, 5 ships of the class were lost during the Narvik battles in April 1940 as part of the Norwegian campaign, when they faced a Royal Navy destroyer force in the first battle and a second Royal Navy destroyer force, led by the battleship HMS Warspite in the second battle. 
The 1936A class introduced a heavier armament of five 5.9 inch guns, which gave them a firepower similar to a light cruiser. It was intended that they would carry their forward guns in a twin turret but some of the ships completed before the twin turrets were ready, so carried a single gun as a temporary measure. It was found that when fitted with the heavy twin turret the sea keeping was affected and the ships took a lot of water over the bows. The 1936A (mob) class were a repeat of the 1936A class. Ten of the 1936A's survived the war and were handed over to Allied navies. The 1936B class reverted back to the 5 single 5 inch gun armament of the original 1936 class but with improved light AA. Only 3 of the class were built before the war ended.
 Z-30 was part of the 1936A batch of destroyers and was completed before the intended twin 5.9 inch gun turret could be fitted in the forward position. Initially she carried a single 5.9 inch gun in the forward position, which was later replaced with a twin turret. Z-30 survived the war and was ceded to Britain, becoming a Royal Navy test ship until scrapping in 1949.
Trumpeter's Z-30 kit depicts her in 1942, with the original single gun forward.The kit comes with optional waterline plate and lower hull with stand, so can be modelled either way. This is a highly detailed plastic kit with a handful of etch metal parts.
It's worth noting that Trumpeter do quite a few German destroyers of the different group, each with a slightly different appearance.
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