SW72124 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-102A/Ki-102B, Ko/Otsu (Randy)

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SW72124 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-102A/Ki-102B, Ko/Otsu (Randy)
Product Code: SW72124
Brand: Sword
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The Ki-102 was a twin engine heavy fighter designed to replace the earlier Ki-45 Toryu. It was intended to make 3 variants, a heavy day fighter, Night fighter and Ground attack fighter. All 3 versions were made but almost all of them were the Ground Attack version, which is the subject of this kit. They entered service late in the war and apart from a few being used during the Okinawa they were mostly used to help defend Japan. The Kou was the Heavy Fighter variant armed with a nose mounted 37mm canno but only 26 were made. The Otsu was used mostly to shoot down bombers, rather then it's intended role and it's nose mounted 57mm cannon would cause heavy damaged to any aircraft it hit.

This is Sword’s model of the Ki-102a/b. Sword is a new manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. The kit is injection moulded in plastic with a good level of detail and engraved panel lines. There are markings for at least 3 Japanese Army aircraft.