SH48103 1/48 Focke Wulf FW190A-6 (Sturmbird)

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SH48103 1/48 Focke Wulf FW190A-6 (Sturmbird)
Product Code: SH48103
Brand: Special Hobby
WAS: £25.99
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The FW190 first went into service in the summer of 1941. It proved to be much better than the RAF's Spitfire Mk V and soon became known as the Butcher Bird. Early versions suffered from overheating problems, which weren't completely rectified until later models. The Jabo versions were fitted as fighter bombers and could carry 250kg or 500kg bombs under the fuselage.
The A-6 featured a modified, strengthened wing and replaced the outboard MG FF 20mm cannons with the vastly superior MG 151 20mm cannons. The Sturmbock (or Sturmbird) were Fw190's fitted with extra armour, the idea being they could get closer to the US heavy bombers and withstand their defensive fire.

Special Hobby are a Czech based manufacturer that specialise in in plastic and multi media short run kits. This kit is made in conjunction with Eduard.  It consists of the regular plastic Fw190A-6 kit from Eduard with a sheet of Eduard Zoom etch but has been repackaged by Special Hobby. It contains some extra resin parts along with the etch for the extra side armour.

Markings are provided for 4 different Fw190A-6 Sturmbock of Sturmstaffel 1.

This kit has highly detailed and not for beginners. It is made from injection moulded plastic but is very complex with full engine and cockpit detail. In this kit you get an optional drop tank, bomb and granaten werfers. This sort of kit would really suit an advanced modeller, especially those who want to show off their skills in modelling competitions.
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