SH48045 1/48 Fairey albacore Mk I

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SH48045 1/48 Fairey albacore Mk I
Product Code: SH48045
Brand: Special Hobby
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 The Fairey Albacore was intended as a replacement for the Swordfish.
It had a more powerful engine and enclosed cockpit but never totally replaced the Swordfish which continued in secondary roles and anti submarine work, while the Albacore was replaced by the Barracuda in the front line attack squadrons.
Albacores are most well known for their action in the Mediterranean where they operated from the Aircraft Carrier HMS Formidable.
Albacores from Formidable torpedoed the Italian Battleship Vittiorio Veneto but the Italians managed to affect enough repairs to allow it to escape the pursuing British battleships. They also crippled the Heavy Cruiser Pola, which was not so fortunate.
The Italian Admiral sent Pola's sister ships Zara and Fiume and 4 destroyers back to assist the Pola. However, they were caught at night by the battleships HMS Warspite, HMS Valiant and HMS Barham and utterly obliterated.

Special Hobby is a Czech based manufacturer and this is their 1/48 Albacore Mk I kit. This is a detailed multimedia kit, consisting of mostly injection moulded plastic parts but with additional resin and photo etch metal parts.

There are markings for 3 planes: No 817 NAS, 1943-44; No 828 NAS, Hal Far, Malta late 1942 and Albacore L7114, Lt Cdr Tuke, English Channel, 1940

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