RV03917 1/72 Vought F4U-1B Corsair Royal Navy

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RV03917 1/72 Vought F4U-1B Corsair Royal Navy
Product Code: RV03917
Brand: Revell
WAS: £6.99
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 The Vought F4U Corsair first flew in 1940 and was designed from the start to be very fast. It was built around the most powerful available engine, the 2000hp, R2800 Double Wasp. This was coupled to a large propeller, so big that the wings had to be cranked to keep the landing legs from being too long, so the propeller didn't hit the ground.
The Corsair entered production in 1942 but was initially rejected by the US Navy for being too dangerous to land on Aircraft Carriers, so it was instead given to a very grateful US Marine Corps, who now finally had a top class fighter.
The Corsair went on to be an excellent fighter and fighter-bomber and was eventually accepted by the US Navy and used on its Aircraft Carriers. The Royal Navy also used Corsairs and had no hesitation about using them on Aircraft Carriers and quickly developed measures to make carrier landings a lot safer. The Corsair was retained in service in favour of the Hellcat due to its higher performance and was still in service during the Korean War. The F4U-1B was the US designation for the F4U-1A Corsairs supplied to the Royal Navy, along with the F4U-1D, they were known as Corsair Mk II's in Britain.

Revell's new Royal Navy Corsair kit is based on their F4U-1A kit, released fairly recently but features the correct clipped and squared off wingtips, that Royal Navy carrier based Corsairs had. Decals are provided for a Corsair from HMS Colossus, July 1945 and also include decals for instrument panels and seatbelts.