MPM72552 1/72 Boulton Paul Defiant TT Mk I/II

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MPM72552 1/72 Boulton Paul Defiant TT Mk I/II
Product Code: MPM72552
Brand: MPM
WAS: £19.99
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The Defiant was the third RAF monoplane used in the Battle of Britain and was radically different to other fighters as it carried all its armament in a revolving turret. The idea was to free the pilot from aiming the guns so he could concentrate on flying. Initial dogfights with German fighters were successful as the Germans mistook them for Hurricanes and attacked from behind. The Germans were surprised to find a hail of machine gun bullets flying back at them and suffered some losses.

The Germans quickly learned that the Defiant had no forward firing armament and after that the faster more agile Bf109’s made mincemeat of the Defiant. The Defiant was then switched to night fighting at which it was better suited. The Defiant was phased out when bigger and better equipped planes such as the Beaufighter and Mosquito took over the night fighter role. After that other roles such as Target Tug were found for the Defiant

This is MPM’s model of the Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I. MPM is a manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. The kit is injection moulded plastic and nicely detailed, there is interior detail, wheel well detail, fine engraved panel lines and the moulding is crisp and clean.

This kit has 2 different fuselages, one for the Mk I and one for the Mk III and makes extensive use of resin and etch to detail the interior and provide the new rear fuselage, towing gear and tropical filter. This kit is most definitely for experienced modellers and could make a very interesting and excellent model of an unusual subject. There are options for the 5 different Defiant TT's, including American and tropical versions.
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