KPM0070 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-23MLD Soviet AF

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KPM0070 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-23MLD Soviet AF
Product Code: KPM0070
Brand: Kovozavody Prostejov
WAS: £15.60
OUR PRICE:£13.98
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The MiG-23 was designed as a replacement for the MiG-21. The MiG-21 whilst fast and agile, was short ranged, had a poor payload and only basic avionics, such as radar. The MiG-23 had a much more powerful engine combined with variable geometry (or swing wing) technology to remedy some of the MiG-21's flaws but was kept smaller and lighter than the likes of the F-4 Phantom, in order to preserve agility. The MiG-23 was fitted with superior avionics and a more powerful radar, which allowed it to engage targets beyond the pilot's visual range as well as allow it to carry longer range missiles. It was armed with a cannon and up to 6 air to air missiles.
There was also a ground attack version of the MiG-23 which could carry up to 4000kg of bombs and rockets, which in turn lead to the more specialised MiG-27 ground attack aircraft. Although Russia and the former Warsaw Pact countries no longer use the MiG-23, there are still plenty of country's Air Forces with MiG-23's in service. 
This is KPM's excellent new tool MiG-23 kit, which is highly detailed with engraved panel lines, although has no ordnance included.