KPM0019 1/72 Avia S-199 "Premium"

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KPM0019 1/72 Avia S-199
Product Code: KPM0019
Brand: Kovozavody Prostejov
WAS: £12.99
OUR PRICE:£11.70
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The Czech aircraft manufacturers, Avia, continued production of the Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 after the war but ran out of the DB605 engines so a Jumo 211F (the same engine that powered the He111 bomber) was substituted and the resulting aircraft was the Avia S-199. The engine was not as responsive as he DB605 and the torque from the large propeller meant the aircraft was difficult to control during landing and take off, so much so the Czech pilots called it the Mezek (Mule).
Despite it's shortcomings it was made famous by Israeli Air Force. In 1948 after the founding of Israel, Egypt went to war to prevent Israeli being an independent state. the Avia S-199 was the only fighter the Israelis could get hold of, so they bought 25. Despite proving unreliable and a poor fighter, they managed to cause enough damage to convince the Egyptians that the Israelis were much stronger then they were and helped Israel win independence. In Israeli service it was officially known as the Sakeen (Knife) but was more commonly called the Messer or Sakin (also Knife). They were replaced in service as soon as possible by the Spitfire IX.
This is KPM's excellent new tool Avia S-199 kit, which is based on the AZ Models Bf109G and it is highly detailed with engraved panel lines. This premium edition also comes with some etch parts and aluminium tube to make gun barrels.  
It comes with markings for 2 Czech Air Force and 1 Czech Police Force Aircraft.
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