KH80105 1/48 Sepecat Jaguar T.2/T.4

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KH80105 1/48 Sepecat Jaguar T.2/T.4
Product Code: KH80105
Brand: Kittyhawk
WAS: £39.99
OUR PRICE:£34.50
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 The Sepecat Jaguar was a joint British and French aircraft designed for ground attack and tactical strikes. It was also modified for reconnaissance and tactical nuclear strikes. The Jaguar entered service with the RAF and French Air Force in the 1970's and has since been exported to Oman, India, Nigeria and Ecuador. 

It has proved very successful and has seen combat in the First Gulf War, Bosnia and other regional conflicts. It has since been retired by the RAF and French Air Forces but is still in active service in India and Oman. It is supersonic and can carry a wide variety of rockets, bombs, guided weapons as well as its internal cannons and Sidewinder missiles for self defence.  

The T.2 and T.4 are 2 seat training variants of the Jaguar.