IBG72070 1/72 Crusader Mk.III Anti Aircraft Tank with 20mm Oerlikon Guns

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IBG72070  1/72 Crusader Mk.III Anti Aircraft Tank with 20mm Oerlikon Guns
Product Code: IBG72070
Brand: IBG Models
WAS: £12.50
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The Crusader was the first British Cruiser (Medium) tank to be fitted with the Christie suspension system. That combined with a fairly powerful engine for the size of tank, meant it was much faster than earlier cruiser tanks, however, it proved to be unrealiable, especially when in use in the North African desert. The first versions had the standard 2pdr anti tank gun, which was effective against most tanks in 1940 but was soon outclassed by the improving armour on German Tanks. Later versions carried the 6pdr anti tank gun, which remained effective against all but the heaviest German tanks in WW2. Due to its high speed, it was used with some success against the Afrika Korps, who respected it and found it was best engaged with emplaced anti tank guns, as the Crusader had no explosive shell to deal with guns. After the end of the North African campaign the Crusader was withdrawn from front line units, as the US built Sherman was preferred. The Crusader was used later as an AA tank with 20 or 40mm guns, to protect the armoured squadrons in Normandy and beyond. It also paved the way for heavier cruiser tanks such as the Cromwell and Comet.

IBG's Crusader kit is well detailed and comes with decals for 2 different tanks and some optional etch fenders.