IBG70010 1/700 HMS Harvester 1943

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IBG70010 1/700 HMS Harvester 1943
Product Code: IBG70010
Brand: IBG Models
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HMS Harvester was a H class destroyer built for the Brazilian Navy. They were similar to the Royal Navy's H-class but with one less main gun. At the outbreak of WW2, she was bought by the Royal Navy, commissioning in May 40. The H class was a standard type of RN destroyer and similar to the A through I classes. HMS Harvester was rushed into action, taking part in the Dunkirk operation. The rest of her career was spent as a convoy escort, sinking 2 U-boats during that time. She was converted into a dedicated convoy escort, losing a main gun and carrying extra depth charges instead. She was torpedoed and sunk by a U-boat, the day after she sank another U-boat, whilst protecting a convoy.

IBG's HMS Harvester kit depicts her in 1943 with one bank of torpedo tubes being replaced by an AA gun, less main guns and more depth charges. The kit is well detailed and comes with decals and a decent fret of etch metal parts. Note that this is only a waterline kit and has no lower hull.