IBG70003 1/700 ORP Krakowiak 1944 Hunt II class destroyer escort

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IBG70003 1/700 ORP Krakowiak 1944 Hunt II class destroyer escort
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The Hunt class destroyers were a class of small destroyer, built for the Royal Navy. They were built in 4 batches and each batch had a slightly different armament configuration, however, all of them carried twin 4 inch guns as the main weapons. They displaced around 1000 - 1200 tons and could manage 26-27 knots. They're primary role was to escort convoys of merchant ships, freeing up the larger fleet destroyers to escort naval fleets. As stated they're main guns were twin 4 inch, of which they carried either 2 or 3 of. The 4 inch guns were dual purpose guns meaning they could be used against aircraft or other ships. These were backed up by 40mm pom-poms and 20mm oerlikon guns. This gave the Hunt's excellent AA fire for their size and meant they could defend against destroyers, torpedo boats and surfaced submarines. They also carried depth charges for attacking submerged submarines and some also carried a set of torpedo tubes. Eighty Six Hunt's were built and several were loaned to allied navies, such as the Norwegian, Polish, Greek and Free French.
ORP Krakowiak was the first of the Hunt's loaned to the Polish Navy, she was originally HMS Silverton. Krakowiak was a batch 2 Hunt, and carried 3 twin 4 inch guns. After crew training she served as a convoy escort in the North Atlantic but also took part in a successful allied raid on the German held Lofoten Islands. She also served in the North Sea and frequently battled German Torpedo boats. In 1943 She was sent to the Mediterranean and took part in operation Husky and the Dodecanese campaign. After the war she was returned to the Royal Navy, were she was reclassified as a Frigate and was part of the reserve fleet. She was decommissioned and scrapped in 1959. 
These are the first 1/700 ship kits by the Polish manufacturer IBG. They look quite nice and include a decent set of etch parts to provide some fine details. They are waterline kits and include some decals for flags and hull numbers.