HTK-AS34 Israeli Air Force Paint Set (early period)

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HTK-AS34  Israeli Air Force Paint Set (early period)
Product Code: HTK-AS34
Brand: Hataka Hobby
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Hataka paints are regular water based acrylics that work well for brush painting and can be thinned for airbrush use. The individual pots contain approx 17ml of paint. They are a Polish company and not related to Vallejo.
Standard camouflage colours of Israeli aircraft from 1948 to 1967.
Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):
HTK-A030 — Euorpean I Grey – Underside colour for Meteor NF 13's
HTK-A078 — Aluminium – Overall colour for some P-51's, Mosquito's and jets.
HTK-A170 — Reed Green — Overall Colour for Avia S-199's (ex Bf109's) 
HTK-A171 — Grey Blue — Upper Camouflage
HTK-A172 - Medium Brown - Upper Camouflage
HTK-A173 - Silk Grey - Underside of Blue/Brown Camouflage.