HTK-AS19 US Army Helicopters Paint Set

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HTK-AS19 US Army Helicopters Paint Set
Product Code: HTK-AS19
Brand: Hataka Hobby
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Hataka paints are regular water based acrylics that work well for brush painting and can be thinned for airbrush use. The individual pots contain approx 17ml of paint. They are a Polish company and not related to Vallejo.
Standard camouflage colours of US Army Helicopters from the 1950's to present day. 
Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):
HTK-A041 — Night Black – Anti Glare panels and other uses.
HTK-A065 — US Army Olive Drab — Standard upper colour from 1950's to late 1970's
HTK-A066 — Insignia Yellow — Rotor tips
HTK-A067 - US Army Helo Drab - Overall Helicopter colour from the 1980's onwards
HTK-A068 - US Army Desert Sand - Overall Colour used in the Desert Storm campaign
HTK-A069 - Woodland Desert Sage - Overall Colour used in Iraq/Afghanistan