HBB84533 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger II King Tiger Henschel turret Late Production Sd.Kfz.181

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HBB84533 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger II King Tiger Henschel turret Late Production Sd.Kfz.181
Product Code: HBB84533
Brand: Hobbyboss
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The King Tiger (or Panzer VI, Tiger II) was the largest turreted tank to see service in WW2, weighing in at around 68 tons. It combined the best features of the Tiger and Panther to make the most powerful tank in WW2. It featured sloped 150mm thick armour on the front hull and 185mm armour on the turret, and a long barrel high velocity 88mm gun, which was capable of penetrating over 200mm of armour, making it lethal against any other tank in the world at the time. However only around 400 were built meaning there could never be enough to combat the Allies in the West or East. The other issue was that it had the same engine as the Panther and Tiger but was much heavier, which put a huge strain on the transmission and meant the tank accelerated slowly. Its great weight also limited where it could go but its sheer power meant it was rightfully feared by opposing tank crews.

This kit from Hobby Boss looks very well detailed and has many parts. The kit comes with a Metal gun barrel and photo etch metal grills. Note the tracks come as individual links.

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