HBB80333 1/48 Republic F-105G Thunderchief

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HBB80333 1/48 Republic F-105G Thunderchief
Product Code: HBB80333
Brand: Hobbyboss
WAS: £36.99
OUR PRICE:£23.50
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The F-105 Thunderchief holds the record for the biggest and heaviest single seat, single engine combat aircraft ever made. First flown in 1955, it was designed as a low level attack aircraft, with the possible mission of delivering a nuclear strike. The F-105 was capable of reaching Mach 2 and could carry up to 14000lbs of ordnance and as a result by the time of the Vietnam war it was the USAF's primary attack aircraft. 

Large numbers of F-105's were used in the Vietnam war and suffered heavy losses, mainly from Anti Aircraft guns and missiles, due to their low level attack role. In air combat F-105's shot down more enemy fighters than they lost in air combat. Later on it was used in 'Wild Weasel' missions, where converted F-105's carried anti radar missiles and detectors to engage and destroy enemy SAM radars, thus suppressing the enemy's main defence against air attacks. This kit represents one of those planes used on the Wild Weasel missions.

Hobby Boss are a relatively new company to us in Western Europe. They are from China and are connected with Trumpeter. Hobby Boss are known for producing well engineered kits with a good level of detail. This particular kit looks very well detailed and comes with an the appropriate Anti Radar missiles and drop tanks. 

Markings are provided for 2 USAF planes.
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