F432496 1/700 IJN Heavy Cruiser Kumano 1944 Sho Ichigo Op

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F432496 1/700 IJN Heavy Cruiser Kumano 1944 Sho Ichigo Op
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Suzuya and Kumano were Mogami class Heavy Cruisers operated by the IJN in WW2. The Mogami class were built as Large Light Cruisers armed with 5 triple 6.1 inch (155mm) main guns. They were large and had powerful machinery, giving them a speed of 35 knots. The new ships employed ,amy weight saving measures, such as electric welding and part aluminium superstructures. Testing on the first 2 ships, Mogami and Mikuma, showed there was many problems. When the ships fired their guns, the welded seams opened up, they were top heavy and unstable. The situation was so bad, both ships went back to the builder's for an extensive rebuild. Suzuya and Kumano were still building so were modified to the new standard while under construction. All four ships also had their triple 6.1 inch guns replaced by twin 8 inch guns by 1939, so were reclassified as Heavy Cruisers.
During WW2 Kumano took part in many operations, starting with the South China Sea in late 41. She took part in the Indian Ocean raid of April 42, being part of a group led by the light carrier Ryujo, hunting merchant shipping. The four Mogami class cruisers operated together at Midway and were ordered to bombard Midway. The bombardment was cancelled but they were spotted by a US sub and during emergency manuervers, Mikuma turned the wrong way, causing Mogami to ram her. Suzuya and Kumano escaped unscathed but Mogami and Mikuma were attacked by dvie bombers from USS Enterprise and USS Hornet. Mogami was severly damaged and Mikuma sunk. Suzuya also took part in the Guadalcanal campaign, operating out of Truk, undertaking patrols and convoy escort duty. She was torpedoed by a USN Avenger torpedo bomber in Jul 43, requiring emergency repairs at first Rabual and then Truk, before retiring back to Japan for full repairs. Her next action was in 1944, at the Battle of the Phillipine Sea, where she was attacked but not hit. Her next action later in 1944 was Leyte Gulf. She took part in the Samar part of the battle, where she was torpedoed by a USN destroyer, which took her bow off and then took minor damage from an air attack. She was hit by three 500lb bombs the following day in another air attack but survived and retreated to Manila for repairs and three days later was attacked yet again by aircraft. The following week, she had been mdade sea worthy enough to sail and did so as a convoy escort. The convoy was attacked by a group of US submarines and Kumano was hit twice by torpedoes. She survived that attack but had lost steering and had to be towed to a nearby port for more repairs. She was attacked on 25th Nov 1944 by aircraft from USS Ticonderoga, she took 5 torpedo and 4 bomb hits and this time she did not survive.
Fujimi have in the last decade or so have been producing all new tool kits of WW2 IJN subjects, replacing many old kits. These kits are amongst the best 1/700 ship kits now available and are often the best for certain IJN subjects. The Kumano and Suzuya kits were first released in 2019 and are high quality kits, they are certainly by far the best kits of these two ships made so far in scale.
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