EDK11119 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8/R2 Reichsverteidigung

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EDK11119 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8/R2 Reichsverteidigung
Product Code: EDK11119
Brand: Eduard
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The Defence of the Reich was the Luftwaffe's campaign against the Allied bombing of Germany, usually thought of from 1942 to the end of WW2. The Luftwaffe organised it's day fighters against the USAAF and night fighters against the RAF. The two most used day fighters were the legendary Messerchmitt Bf109 and Focke Wulf Fw190. The Bf109 by the time of the Allied strategic bombing campaign, was most commonly the G series which served until the end of the war, the G-6 being the most widely used version. The heavily armed Fw190 was progressively upgraded and proved an excellent bomber destroyer. The Fw190A's performance levels dropped off over 20000ft so often the Germans used a combination of Fw190's to attack the USAAF bombers and the Bf109's with the superior performance at altitude would cover the Fw190's against escort fighters. One version of the Fw190 was known as the Sturmbock (usually the Fw190A-8/R2 or R8), this featured extra armour on the engine cowling, wing leading edges, cockpit sides, canopy sides, to enable it to get closer to the bombers and inflict further damage. Some of these Fw190's had a pair of their wing 20mm cannons removed and replaced with 30mm cannons. The Bf109G could also carry an extra pair of 20mm cannon under it's wings, for use against bombers. The downside of the extra guns and armour was a loss of performance and agility, making them vulnerable to escort fighters. They did however, prove to be formidable bomber killers.
This is a double kit from Eduard featuring their all new tool Bf109 and Fw190 kits, which are amongst the best available in 1/48. Each kit is of Profipack standard with mask and etch included. The Bf109 can be made as a G-6 or G-14 with early or late canopies and optional underwing cannons. The Fw190 is a brand new kit of the Sturmbock upgunned and uparmoured Fw190A-8. The extensive decal sheet as options for 13 different aircraft.

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