ED648045 1/48 RS-2US / AA-1 Alkali Service Cart

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ED648045 1/48 RS-2US / AA-1 Alkali Service Cart
Product Code: ED648045
Brand: Eduard
WAS: £16.70
OUR PRICE:£13.26
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 The packet contains 4 resin AA-1 Alkali Russian air to air missiles.

The AA-1 was a beam riding missile used on the MiG-17, Mig-19, MiG-21PF/PFM/MF and Su-9, primarily for shooting down large bombers. 
In addition to the missiles, is the loading cart. This makes it an ideal set for turning a model aircraft into a diorama with the aircraft on the ground about to be armed with the missiles.
This set normally sells for £15 in the UK, so this is a bargain price!

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