BRP72034 1/72 Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka model 22

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BRP72034 1/72 Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka model 22
Product Code: BRP72034
Brand: Brengun
WAS: £11.50
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Towards the end of the war and increasingly unable to counter allied attacks, the Japanese resorted to Kamikaze (Divine Wind) attacks. These attacks were usually carried out by whatever (mostly obsolete) aircraft they had available to them. They fitted a bomb to the aircraft being used and tried to crash them into allied ships in suicide attacks. The aircraft were still vulnerable to attacks by allied fighter aircraft and AA guns and most never hit their targets. The Ohka (Cherry Blossom) was a manned rocket powered suicide bomb (the canopy was bolted on once the pilot was in!), which was intended to evade fighters and AA fire by being too fast.

It was usually carried by G4M 'Betty' bombers and was first used against allied ships off Okinawa. The main drawback was the bombers carrying the Ohka's were more vulnerable to allied fighters than usual and many were never even launched. The Ohka had little real effect on allied attacks, one US destroyer was sunk outright, another damaged beyond reallistic repair and a few more ships were damaged.

This is Brengun’s model of the Ohka. Brengun are a fairly new manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. The kit is injection moulded in plastic with some resin (stands and rocket motor parts) and markings for two different Ohkas.