BRP72001 1/72 Bachem Ba-349A 'Natter'

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BRP72001 1/72 Bachem Ba-349A 'Natter'
Product Code: BRP72001
Brand: Brengun
WAS: £10.99
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The Ba-349 was a German Rocket Powered interceptor designed to take off vertically and attack bombers with a battery of nose mounted rockets. It was designed to be used by inexperienced pilots and after the attack, the cockpit section, would detach and parachute back to the ground. The project never got past the prototype stage and the only manned vertical take off, resulted in the death of the pilot and the aircraft's destruction.
This is Brengun’s model of the Ba-349. Brengun are a fairly new manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. The kit is injection moulded in plastic with some photo etch metal parts. There are markings for several aircraft.