AZM7601 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109K-14 "Aces"

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AZM7601 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-109K-14 "Aces"
Product Code: AZM7601
Brand: AZ Models
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The Messerschmitt Bf109 is one of the most famous fighters in history. More Bf109's (over 33000) were built than any other fighter and it shot down many more opponents than any other fighter in history.

The Bf109G was similar to the F but it introduced the DB605 inverted V-12 engine, which was more powerful than the earlier DB601, with more development potential. The main early versions were the G-2 and G-4, which has a 20mm cannon and 2 7.92mm machine guns in the nose. The G-5 and G-6 had the machine guns replaced by 13mm heavy machine guns, which needed bulges on top of the cowling to accomodate the larger breech blocks.

The K series Bf109's followed on from the likes of the late build Bf109G-6/14 and G-10's which had the boosted DB605 engine and featured a number of small improvements with the aim of standardising Bf109 production. It had a new version of the DB605 engine with around 2000hp and a speed of around 440mph, making it the fastest production Bf109 Model. The K-6 existed in prototype form only. Compared to the K-4, it carried extra armour and 30mm cannons in the wings. The K-14 was a projected development of the K-6, for high altitude combat, with it's DB605 engine having a two stage supercharger and a four blade propeller, this would have been the fastest Bf109 variant if it had been made.

This is AZ Model's excellent new tool Bf109K-6 kit. The kit is highly detailed with engraved panel lines and is based on AZ Model's earlier Bf109 kits but with a new sprue for the K-14 fuselage. This kit features decals for 3 different 'what if' Bf109K-14's, flown by famous aces.