AZM7575 1/72 Curtiss Hawk 75C-1 'Over Africa' (Mohawk/P-36)

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AZM7575 1/72 Curtiss Hawk 75C-1 'Over Africa' (Mohawk/P-36)
Product Code: AZM7575
Brand: AZ Models
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The Hawk 75 or P-36 (Mohawk in RAF Service) was the forerunner to the more famous P-40 Tomahawk/Warhawk/Kittyhawk. It was powered by a radial engine (different engines on different versions), and was similar in performance to the Hurricane Mk I but lacked a supercharger so performance fell off at higher altitudes. It proved to be a reasonably good fighter for the time but was eclipsed by higher performing aircraft such as the Spitfire and Bf109. It served with many air forces including the USAAF, RAF, French and Finnish air forces with some success, some P-36's claimed to have shot down 2 Japanese 'zeros' during the Pearl Harbour raid but it was soon superceded by the more powerful P-40.

This is AZ Model's excellent new tool Hawk 75/P-36. It is highly detailed with engraved panel lines and comes with markings for 3 different French aircraft, from the Free French and Vichy French air forces.