AZM7565 1/72 Fairey Fulmar Mk.I (With etch + resin parts)

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AZM7565 1/72  Fairey Fulmar Mk.I (With etch + resin parts)
Product Code: AZM7565
Brand: AZ Models
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The Fairey Fulmar was the first monoplane fighter designed specifically for the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. The Fulmar Mk I was hindered by having a 1030Hp Merlin engine and the fact it was a large 2 seat plane. The second crew member was there as the Fleet Air Arm thought it was important for every aircraft to have a navigator in planes that might have to travel a long way across seas and oceans. The Fulmar's size did give it a few advantages, first of all it could carry a lot more ammunition and secondly a lot more fuel than other British fighters. That meant it could be used for recon and patrol missions, as well as fighter missions.

Despite it's slow speed and lack of agility compared to single seat fighters, the Fulmar performed well against enemy bombers and even scored victories against other fighters. It was replaced in the long term by the much more powerful Firefly and in the short term by the likes of Sea Hurricanes, Wildcats and Seafires.

This kit is a rebox of a kit made by Vista and previously boxed by Airfix. It has been reboxed By AZ Models with new decals and a small fret of etch metal parts (Seatbelts/instrument panel/grills) to enhance the model with. Markings are provided for 3 different Fulmars.