AO-51009 1/700 HMS Hermes (WW2) Ltd.Edt.

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AO-51009 1/700 HMS Hermes (WW2) Ltd.Edt.
Product Code: AO-51009
Brand: Aoshima
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HMS Hermes was the world's first aircraft carrier to be designed and built as an aircraft carrier (instead of converting something into an aircraft carrier). Hermes was a fairly small aircraft carrier, being a similar size to a pre-war heavy cruiser and capable of carrying around 20 aircraft.
Pre WW2 Hermes was used mainly for training, developing aircraft carrier tactics and showing the flag. During WW2 she was mostly operating in secondary areas as she was considered an effective front line warship. She carried out anti-submarine patrols in 1939 and searched for the Graf Spee. In 1940 Hermes' Swordfish attacked the French battleship Richelieu to deny her use to the Vichy regime and guarantee the German navy would not take her over. From early 1941, Hermes operated in the Persian Gulf and then the Indian Ocean, supporting actions against Iraqi forces and patrol work.
In April 1942, a powerful Japanese Navy carrier strike force swept into the Indian Ocean. They took out RAF Hurricanes and airbases on Ceylon (Sri Lanka) before attacking the naval bases at Columbo and Trincomalee. Most of the Royal Navy's Eastern Fleet had already withdrawn to the Maldives but Japanese Dive Bombers caught several ships leaving Ceylon, including the heavy cruisers HMS Cornwall and HMS Dorsetshire and in a separate attack, HMS Hermes. Hermes was only carrying Swordfish bombers, so had very little to defend with and was quickly sunk.
Aoshima's new (2016 tooling) Hermes looks like quite a nice kit and it includes decals for Royal Navy and the deck markings. This boxing of the Hermes kit also includes 3 sprues of IJN (new tooling) carrier aircraft with some stands. It also includes a small fret of photo etch metal parts, with the ships crane and small aircraft parts. Please note the large set of etch pictured on the box is an advert for an etch set that is available separately.
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