AO-10300 1/700 USS Wasp + Japanese Submarine I-19

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AO-10300 1/700 USS Wasp + Japanese Submarine I-19
Product Code: AO-10300
Brand: Aoshima
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USS Wasp was the seventh aircraft carrier made for the US Navy. Prior to WW2 various naval treaties stated how big various warship types could be and how many each navy could have. The US navy converted the huge battlecruisers, Lexington and Saratoga into aircraft carriers but then designed the prototype aircraft carrier USS Ranger which was around 14000 tons. Using Ranger as a starting point they designed and built the larger USS Yorktown and USS Enterprise. After that, they only had enough allowance left to build a similar size ship as Ranger and this became the USS Wasp. 
To save weight. keep to treaty allowances and retain an effective air group, Wasp was built without torpedo protection or armour but could still carry around 70+ aircraft. Prior to the US entry to WW2, Wasp was part of the US Atlantic fleet and although the US was neutral and remained in the Atlantic following the Pearl Harbour raid, the new carrier Hornet transferred to the Pacific instead. During her time in the Atlantic in 1942, the Wasp helped reinforce the British Home Fleet along with US battleships and cruisers to help protect convoys against the threat of the German fleet centered around the battleship Tirpitz. She also famously transported on 2 occasions, RAF Spitfires to Malta, with the RAF pilots taking off from her flight deck. 
Following the Coral Sea and Midway battles the US Navy only had 2 operational carriers in the Pacific, USS Enterprise and USS Hornet. The Lexington and Yorktown had been sunk and the Saratoga crippled and out of action. Wasp was quickly transferred to the Pacific, arriving in San Diego in June 1942. Wasp, along with other US ships supported actions in the Guadalcanal campaign and took part in the Battle of the Eastern Solomans in August but missed most of the battle whilst refuelling. The following month Wasp was part of a task force escorting a troop convoy when she was hit by 3 torpedoes fired by the Japanese submarine I-19. The I-19 fired 6 torpedoes in total, one hit the destroyer O'Brien, which sunk later on as a result of the damage and another of the torpedoes ran on and hit the battleship North Carolina, causing a great deal of flooding. The torpedoes that hit the Wasp set off a serious of explosions and caused fires that were fuelled by the ship's own aviation petrol, which overwhelmed damage control efforts and the ship was abandoned and finished off with torpedoes from a destroyer. 
Aoshima's new (2015 tooling) Wasp looks like quite a nice kit and comes with a selection of US aircraft plus decals for the aircraft and deck markings. Please note the large set of etch pictured on the box is an advert for an etch set that is available separately.  This set includes a model of the Japanese submarine I-19