AO-10181 1/700 HMS Ark Royal 1941

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AO-10181 1/700 HMS Ark Royal 1941
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HMS Ark Royal was the Royal Navy's best aircraft carrier at the start of WW2. She was the first large aircraft carrier to be designed and built as such for the Royal Navy. She had double hangars for over 60 aircraft and a heavy (for the time) Anti-Aircraft battery. She was however, limited by the Fleet Air Arm's lack of aircraft in both quality and quantity.
She was nearly sunk by a U-boat in the first few months of the war but went on to be the Royal Navy's most active and effective aircraft carrier until her sinking. She took part in the Norwegian campaign, the attack on the French fleet at Mers-El-Kabir, Malta convoys and most famously a Swordfish from Ark Royal launched the torpedo that crippled the steering of the German battleship Bismarck, which allowed the British battleships HMS King George V and HMS Rodney to catch up and demolish the German ship. Bismarck was then sunk by a combination of torpedoes from British Cruisers and Destroyers and being scuttled by her own crew.
Ark Royal spent a lot of time helping the Malta convoys, providing air cover and attacking targets of opportunity on land and sea. Her Fulmar fighters proved surprisingly effective breaking up attacks and shooting down many Axis bombers. She was eventually torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-81. A single torpedo hit amidships below the bridge, tearing a large hole in the hull and knocking out the power on that side. The order was given to abandon ship but it was then thought she might be saved but it was too late despite assistance from a tug and the destroyers HMS Legion and HMS Laforey.
Aoshima's new Ark Royal looks like quite a nice kit and it includes decals for Royal Navy flags + aircraft and the deck markings.
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