AK02010 RAF Camouflage Colours Set (x8)

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AK02010 RAF Camouflage Colours Set (x8)
Product Code: AK02010
Brand: AK Interactive
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AK-Interactive are a company associated with well known award winning modeller, Mig Jimenez. They are similar to Vallejo Model Color Acrylic paints and are suitable for brush painting and when thinned, they can be easily airbrushed. They come in the same 17ml plastic bottles as Vallejo paints..
This Acrylic paint set covers the main RAF camouflage colours used in WW2
The colours are as follows:
AK2011 RAF Dark Green,
AK2012 RAF Dark Earth,
AK2013 RAF Med Sea Grey,
AK2014 RAF Ocean Grey,
AK2015 RAF Sky,
AK2016 RAF Mid Stone,
AK2017 Azure Blue and
AK2018 Aircraft Grey Green.