AK00131 Olive Drab Color Modulation Set

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AK00131 Olive Drab Color Modulation Set
Product Code: AK00131
Brand: AK Interactive
WAS: £18.99
OUR PRICE:£17.00
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The paint comes pre-thinned for use directly with airbrushes, like the Vallejo Model Air range.

Most US Tanks and Armoured Vehicles of WW2 were painted in a single overall Olive Drab colour. This set contains 6 different shades of that green from a very dark to a very light Olive Drab. The idea is you start painting with the dark (shade) colour first and then work your way up with your airbrush to the lightest colour, thus giving all the shade and highlights to make the model look more realistic.  

An illustrated step by step guide is on the back of the box. 

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