AIR09186 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF

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AIR09186 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF
Product Code: AIR09186
Brand: Airfix
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The Bristol Blenheim was the result of a requirement for a fast 6 seat passenger plane. Bristol had already designed a light transport plane and adapted it for the passenger requirement with more powerful engines. This prototype stunned the Air Ministry as it was 30mph faster than the latest RAF fighters. It was then realised it had potential as a light bomber. Bristol further developed the plane, with a bomb bay, defensive guns, more powerful engines and a crew of 3.
At the outbreak of WW2 Blenheims and Battles filled the RAF’s light bomber squadrons.The blunt nosed Mk I’s had been replaced by the longer nosed Mk IV’s as bombers and the final bomber variant, the Mk V was introduced in 1942. Despite the Blenheim being a fine plane, it proved to be almost obsolete by WW2 and was incapable of defending itself adequately against fighter attack. The Blenheim Mk I’s were mainly used as trainers by the start of WW2 but by 1940 night fighters were urgently needed. Some were converted into night fighters by added AI radar and a pack containing four Browning .303 machine guns underneath the fuselage. One of these Blenheims claimed the first RAF night kill of WW2 on the night of 2/3 July 1940. Some Mk IV’s were also converted to this role.
The Mk IV lasted longer as a bomber but was withdrawn in the European theatre by 1942 when the RAF had enough Mosquitoes and Douglas Bostons to replace them. They did still however, perform a useful service in the Far East.
The improved Blenheim Mk V was introduced in 1942 and was used in the Mediterranean. It proved to be useful but not outstanding and was withdrawn from front line use during the Italian campaign as once again it was decimated by German fighters.
This is Airfix's all new Blenheim Mk I kit and it looks to be very detailed with engraved panel lines. Markings are for 2 RAF aircraft.