AIR06018 1/72 North-American Mitchell Mk.II

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AIR06018 1/72 North-American Mitchell Mk.II
Product Code: AIR06018
Brand: Airfix
WAS: £24.99
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The B-25 Mitchell was a twin engine medium bomber used in WW2. It was made famous by the Doolittle raid of April 1942, when 16 specially modified B-25's, took off from the Aircraft Carrier, USS Hornet and attacked targets in Tokyo and other Japanese Cities.
The B-25 was well liked as it was reliable and easy to operate and was considered a very successful aircraft. It was used mainly in the tactical role, bombing targets in support of allied armies but was also used in anti shipping roles and by other allied air forces such as the RAF.
Although meant as a bomber, some late models were fitted with a solid nose and a 75mm cannon or eight 50cal machine guns, in these guises, the B-25 was one of the most heavily armed aircraft of WW2.

This is Airfix's all new Mitchell Mk II kit and it looks to be very detailed with engraved panel lines. Markings are provided for 2 different RAF aircraft.