AIR02342 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I tank

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AIR02342 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I tank
Product Code: AIR02342
Brand: Airfix
WAS: £9.99
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The German Tiger I is probably the most famous tank from WW2 and possibly all time. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, they were able to advance quickly and swept aside most Soviet infantry and tanks, until they encountered the T-34 and KV-1 tanks. The T-34 proved to be a better all round tank than anything the Germans had but often initially used badly. The heavy KV-1 tank's armour was so thick that no German anti tank guns could penetrate its armour, the only reliable way of destroying the KV-1 was by using the 88mm anti aircraft guns, firing armour piercing rounds. This caused the Germans to rapidly upgun their existing tanks and design new tanks capable of fighting the Soviet tanks.
One answer was the Tiger which took the main features of the KV-1 and massively improved on them. It had very thick armour, which was impervious to almost any anti tank gun when the tank was introduced in 1942, only the best guns had a chance at close range against the Tiger's side or rear armour. The Tiger was armed with an 88mm gun, developed from the famous AA gun, which could knock out any tank at long range in 1942 and despite its large size and weight, it was more mobile than might have been expected.
The Tiger was complicated and expensive to make, so its numbers were relatively low but it proved to be a very formidable tank, even late in the war and used well it could be devastating. During the Normanday campaign a single Tiger commanded by Michael Wittman was able to halt the advanced of the British 7th Armoured division at Villiers Bocage, knocking out over 20 tanks and other afv's in the process.

This is a brand new tool kit from Airfix and looks really nice. It is well detailed and there are no more horrible rubber tracks! There are decals for 2 different tanks, including one commanded by the legendary Michael Wittmann.

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