AIR02341 1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc tank

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AIR02341 1/72 Sherman Firefly Vc tank
Product Code: AIR02341
Brand: Airfix
WAS: £9.99
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The American M4 Sherman tank was a rugged and reliable tank, introduced in WW2. Tens of thousands were made, equipping almost all allied armies in WW2 and going on to serve well for over 20 years after the end of WW2. The Sherman was actually designed to support infantry, against dug in infantry and guns, rather than tanks vs tank combat, so it's original gun was a fairly low velocity gun with a decent explosive round but not so good anti tank round. When it first saw combat in 1942 with the British in North Africa, it proved able to take on the German Panzer III and IV tanks and was one of the best tanks in service.
The introduction of German tanks such as the Panther and Tiger, along with upgunning the Panzer IV put the Sherman at a disadvantage. Experience in the Italian campaign showed the allies really needed a tank with better anti tank capability. The British had developed the excellent 17pdr anti tank gun which was powerful enough to knock out the German tanks at decent ranges, so the Sherman's turret was heavily modified to fit the 17pdr. At first there was only enough of the new Sherman Fireflies to have one tank per troop but later the numbers increased. The most common Firefly was based on the Sherman V (M4A4), which had the Chrysler multi bank engine and lengthened hull. The Firefly remained the best anti tank armed Sherman in WW2.

This is a brand new tool kit from Airfix and looks really nice. It is well detailed and there are no more horrible rubber tracks! There are decals for 2 different tanks.

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