AIR02066 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 190A-8/F8 NEW TOOL

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AIR02066 1/72 Focke Wulf FW 190A-8/F8 NEW TOOL
Product Code: AIR02066
Brand: Airfix
WAS: £8.99
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The Fw190 first went into service in the summer of 1941. It proved to be much better than the RAF's Spitfire Mk V and soon became known as the Butcher Bird. Early versions suffered from overheating problems, which weren't completely rectified until later models. The Jabo versions were fitted as fighter bombers and could carry 250kg or 500kg bombs under the fuselage

The A-8 was the most commonly used A series Fw190. It was heavily armed with two 13mm machine guns and four 20mm cannons and in addition, it could carry bombs, rockets and gun pods etc.  The F-8 was the dedicated ground attack version of the A-8, it was modified by having the outer wing cannons removed, so bombs, rockets or heavy guns could be carried underwing. Some less obvious changes, such as extra frontal armour were also made.

Brand new tool Fw190A-8/F-8 by Airfix. This is the same kit as the series 1 A-8 kit but with a sprue of bomb racks and bombs and a choice of markings.

Markings are provided for 2 Luftwaffe aircraft