AAM7204 1/72 Dassault Mirage IVA Strategic bomber

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AAM7204 1/72 Dassault Mirage IVA Strategic bomber
Product Code: AAM7204
Brand: A & A Models
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The Mirage IV was a French Nuclear strike aircraft, which was also developed into a reconnaissance aircraft. It resembled the Mirage III but was much larger and had two engines instead of one. It was mach 2 capable and had the range to attack the Soviet Union but not enough to return to France and although it could be refuelled mid air, in the event of a nuclear strike it was hoped they could land in friendly or neutral countries. It's main weapon was the AN-11 or AN-22 nuclear free fall bomb. Some aircraft were upgraded in the 1980's to carry the ASMP stand off nuclear missile and were re-designated the Mirage IVP. It could also carry up to sixteen 1000lb bombs in the conventional bomber role. The Mirage IVP could also carry a CT-52 reconnaissance pod in place of any bombs, in the recon role the Mirage IV has seen service over Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. It entered service in 1964 as the IVA and was finally retired in 2005 as the IVP (Recon) and was only used by the French Air Force.
A&A are a model company from the Ukraine and this is the first kit we've stocked by them. The kit looks like a 'short run' style kit and as such it looks like it will need more cleaning up and preparation than mainstream kits, as such it is probably not suitable for new modellers and best for experienced modellers. It should however, with some care, make a much nicer model of the Mirage IV than the old Heller kit. The kit also comes with a small fret of etch metal parts, including the seatbelts. There are decals for three different aircraft.